unique website rentals

Save the cost of initial website development by renting your site from ipinx!

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how site rental works

You pay a fixed design fee of just £100 and the balance of the total quoted development cost is divided by 10 and this becomes your monthly rental charge!

An example:  Assuming that the total quoted price is £780, you pay £100 design fee, the remaining £680 is simply divided by 10... resulting in a monthly rental of just £68!

the rental agreement

Please note that the rental agreement is for a minimum period of 12 months and is not a credit purchase.  Legally, the site can not become your property as a result of you paying rental fees, so whilst you continue to rent, title to all intellectual and mechanical rights remain with ipinx.

but after 12 months... can continue to rent on a month by month basis for as long as you wish.  However, you then have the option to purchase your site, at any time, for a one-off payment equal to three month's rental.

Using the same site cost example, after 12 months you could buy your site outright for £204!

domain, hosting & other costs

Because you purchase your domain name and website hosting package directly from the providers, their costs are not included in the Quote and do not effect the rental charges.

Similarly, if your site requires bought-in elements such as specific royalty free images that do not already exist in my extensive library, or language translations, these costs are also payable independently.

See the fees & charges page for more information.

free site maintenance

Your site's search engine performance is monitored and maintained throughout the whole rental period as a matter of course, and reasonable updates to the content will be carried out free of charge.

If you then elect to buy the site outright, you may want to consider taking out a separate maintenance contract... see the fees & charges page for details.