free consultation

The first step, as always, is to call for an informal chat, without obligation.  Talk to ipinx about your business,  your market and your competitors.  Tell them why you need a website. . .  and discover how many other ways your website can benefit your bottom line!

However simple or complex your project might be, you will always be provided with a written proposal and fixed quotation before you commit to any expenditure at all.  If ipinx miscalculates and your project development takes 15 hours longer than predicted, then they carry the loss, not you.

Internet services

cost guidelines

static website design:

Billed at £30 an hour, a thoughtfully designed static site including all graphics, copywriting and SEO is likely to take between 25 and 50 hours, depending upon scope and complexity.

This site, for example, has taken a little over 38 hours to complete and would have been charged commercially at £1,140.

search engine optimisation:

SEO is fundamental to the commercial success of any development, so every site is fully optimised as a matter of course at no additional charge.

site & seo maintenance:

Periodic 'tweaks' are necessary to guarantee that your site stays current, accessible, and at the forefront of search results.

A maintenance contract is available at £20 per month (which also includes 'reasonable' content updates, so long as no major changes are required to the structure of the site).

Full maintenance is provided completely free of charge for the first 12 months.

cms site development:

Developing a dynamic website with its own bespoke CMS is, of course, very specific to client needs.

However;  as a 'rule of thumb' you should expect the total cost to be around 50% greater than that for a static site of comparable size.

full stack software projects:

Costs are impossible to estimate here, which is why ipinx offer an in-depth consultation and fixed price quotation, free of charge and without obligation.

hosting & domain names:

Expect to pay around £8 +VAT a year for UK domains, or £12 +VAT a year for a global domain such as .com.

For reliable business hosting you should budget from £4.99 +VAT a month, with high traffic options available, should they become necessary.

Whilst ipinx are happy to liaise with the Registrar and Hosting company on your behalf,  your contracts would be directly with them, avoiding any contention over ownership or access.

terms of business

For either a Static or CMS website, payment terms are always 50% with your order, the balance not becoming due until completion.

Bespoke software developments are usually payable in three traunches, based on well defined deliverables, details of which are included in the free quotation document (see the full stack solutions page for more information).