content is king

A website is only a vehicle;  designed to deliver your business message, products and service information to customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Think of it as your permanently open front door.

Everything that appears on every page of your site is an opportunity to build on the benefit to you, your business and your brand. . .  every word, graphic and photograph has something to say.

Graphic motif for topnotch gardens website

graphic design

Humans are visually stimulated creatures, so the graphic appeal of your website is very much the front line in your battle for their attention.

To complicate matters, divergent technology now demands that graphics must also work across a wide range of display formats, from smart phones to widescreen HD TV, yet still download quickly enough to create instant impact.

Keep an open mind.  The outline visuals that ipinx will supply during the first stage of a development (either as logo concepts or a recurring motif) will almost certainly not be what you expect.  For example, you can see how variations of the 'hummingbird' graphic above were used to such great effect by viewing the four seasonal pages in Top Notch Gardens.

photographic images

This is always a sensitive subject to broach,  but clients rarely supply photographs that meet the necessary standards in terms of resolution or composition.

Whilst ipinx holds an extensive library of stock images, be prepared to consider investing in specific 'Royalty Free' photographs. . .  which you can then use forever, for almost any purpose within your business.

For guidance;  a five image package from Shutterstock is a little under £30, but if more cost effective options exist, these will be shown as a suggestion in your free proposal and quotation.


Often the most neglected component of a web site is its textual content,  or 'copy'.

Good website copy reads like conversation with a well-spoken friend. . .  it has a casual, straightforward, tone and gets to the point without rushing.  Great copy is authoritative, but never authoritarian.

Well chosen words,  written in a style or 'voice' that appeals directly to your target market, will add real value to your investment.

<< the secret life of website copy >>

writing for seo

Quite aside from communicating your business messages positively and effectively, the words in your website have another crucial role to play.  Both the visible copy and hidden 'meta' text are fundamentally important to the way that Google,  Yahoo and Bing will index and present your site in response to searches.

schema markup

This much under-used SEO technology from allows ipinx to create microdata descriptions, more commonly called 'rich text snippets', which will influence the content that appears in your website's SERP entries.

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